The Eucharist in Scripture

The Church invites Catholics into a deeper understanding and devotion of the Holy Eucharist. Unfortunately, many Catholics either do not believe or simply do not know that Jesus is truly present in the Holy Eucharist. A recent Pew Study revealed that 70% of Catholics polled fall into this category. It will take each of us to grow deeper in our faith, knowledge, and devotion of the Eucharist to convert souls and help our brothers and sisters encounter Christ through the Eucharist.

Holy Family Catholic Church, in Granite City, will be offering an adult faith formation opportunity to delve deeper into the relationship between the Eucharist and Scripture. In The Eucharist in Scripture, discover God’s plan as it is expressed through the Bible and the Mass. This six-lesson study will unlock the meaning of covenant, sacrifice, and sacrament as understood in the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation. Built around three of Dr. Scott Hahn’s foundational talks: “The Lamb’s Supper,” “The Fourth Cup,” and “Consuming the Word,” The Eucharist in Scripture examines the biblical foundations of the Eucharist and explores the Church’s liturgy as the original context for the books of the Bible.

The Eucharist in Scripture will begin on September 12, 2022, in the parish conference center at 2606 Washington Avenue, Granite City. To register or seek additional information, contact the parish office at (618) 877-7158. The cost of this scripture study is $24.95 to cover the cost of the participant workbook. Registration and workbook fee are due to the parish office by August 31, 2022.