About Us

Founded in 1988, Holy Family Parish was formed from the merger of three parish communities in Granite City – Sacred Heart, St. Joseph, and St. Margaret Mary. Though our parish is still young, it holds a rich history and strong heritage that spans more than 120 years. The strength of our church is its enduring faith and God, and that faith continues to be strong both in our Catholic Church and School.

St. Joseph’s Parish was founded in 1901, the first Catholic parish within Granite City. As that faith community grew, another church was needed. On September 1, 1924, St. Joseph Parish was divided, and a new parish was erected as Sacred Heart Parish.

By 1961, Sacred Heart had grown from the original 100 families in 1924 to 1,250 families, becoming the third largest parish in the Diocese of Springfield. The Diocese purchased 11.41 acres of land in another part of town for yet another parish. In 1964, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Parish was opened.

In time, these three parish returned to one. July 1, 1988 is the official date of unification of three former parishes: St. Joseph, Sacred Heart, and St. Margaret Mary. Father Stephen Thompson is our current pastor and has been since July 2020.

Holy Family School is located on an 11-acre site offering instruction in pre-K through grade 8. The school is staffed by 12 highly trained, state certified, and dedicated teachers. Spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspects are paramount in keeping with Holy Family School’s mission to develop the whole person while pursuing the highest academic standards.

United together our parish and school are one family. As is fashioned within the walls of our parish church, we pray:

“Holy Family, Make Holy Our Families.”