As disciples of Christ, we are called at be good stewards of the gifts God has given us.  A good Christian steward:
  • Receives God’s gifts gratefully
  • Cherishes and tends God’s gifts responsibly
  • Shares God’s gifts in love and justice
  • Returns God’s gifts with increase.

Stewards acknowledge that God is Creator and Owner of all and shares of their gifts out of love for God and one another.

Our parish community and diocese relies on your financial support to achieve our goals and continue our mission of being Christ to others out in the world.  One way we receive support is through weekly parish contributions, which may be made by check or cash in an envelope during the weekly offertory collection at Mass, dropped in the locked donation box outside of the parish office, or made online through

Online Giving

Give Central

An easy and automated way to make your weekly parish contributions is to sign up with Give Central:

  1. Log into and select “FIND YOUR CHARITY.”
  2. Enter our zip code “62040” or “Holy Family Catholic Church” in the search box and select the 2606 Washington Avenue site.
  3. Select the “Event” or fund to which you would like to make your one-time or recurring donations.  Select “View More” to see all fund categories.
  4. Enter “Amount”, “First Payment Date”, and “Frequency” and select “Ongoing” to make continuous donations or select “Custom” to enter an end date for this Contribution.
  5. Select “Add to my Gift Basket.”
  6. Proceed to “Checkout.”
  7. At this time, you will be asked to create a “Username” and “Password”.  First, select “Complete Profile” where you will enter your demographic and bank account or credit card information.  Be sure to check the “I accept the user policy” box and select “Register and confirm gift”.

You will be able to log in anytime to update your contributions or personal information.  For help or to answer any questions go to or call (312) 929-2306.

****  School Tuition payments, Technology Fund, and HFS Annual Fund donations may also be made through Give Central.