150 Club

Join the 150 Club! Members pay $125 a year, which entitles them to 12 monthly drawings of $150. If your number is drawn, it is re-entered and you are eligible for more drawings! At our Dinner/Dance in October, we draw seven more winners, one $1,000, two $500 and four $250 prizes! In one year, you have nineteen chances to win! All remaining money goes to the church. The year of chances starts in November, please consider joining. Call the Parish Office for details or email kunfried@holyfamilygc.org.

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Winners in the big
End of the Year Drawing!

$1,000.00     Ed and Bev Lenzi

   $500.00     Don and Tracy Cook

   $500.00     Steve and Ruth Carr

   $250.00     Gary and Gloria Kasprovich

   $250.00     Jerry and Barb Lilley

   $250.00     Vivian Grimes

   $250.00     Paul Zarlingo

   $100.00     Dick and Bertha Koerper

   $100.00     Michael and Suzanne Halbrook

   $100.00     Patti and John Becherer